W Law (Formerly “W Law Group” is practice of lawyers in Saskatoon, SK specializing in multiple areas of law. Our client wanted their new brand to be seen as very professional, luxurious, and classy. They also requested the use of a black and gold colour palette.

The Plan

We created the logo first, a Word-mark logo, utilizing a classic serif font that contrasted from thick to thin — It evokes both precision and stability. To build on the brand, their website featured high-quality, floating gold objects among negative space. Lots of white space was used to make this brand refined, modern, and professional.

A Simple, Clean, Classy Design

W Law’s use of black and white with gold accents gives it the most classic throwback to famous legal practices from the past.  W Law offers incredible value to its clients so we wanted to instill that experience in their branding and design.  They now have a timeless, classy look that will make them stand out from their competition!

W Law Website

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