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Cherry Insurance is a family-owned insurance company, and has been around since 1945. They have been a client since 2013, and first came to us wanting a new website along with a branding refresh. Through the years we’ve done everything from billboard campaigns to social media management to periodic website refreshes.

The Plan

We wanted to created a deep story brand, linked to the family’s name and history, thus “The Cherry Family” was born. The brand was to be playful and funny, utilizing bright cherry-toned colors, and goofy characters getting into troublesome antics. “Expect the Unexpected” became their well-known tagline, as well as the annual “Cutest Pet Contest” hosted in the summertime. Combined, their marketing creates warm and fuzzy feelings in the viewers, and their annual campaigns keep them at top-of-mind when folks are considering insurance companies.

Web Design That Tells A Story

Who said insurance has to be boring? Cherry’s website is packed with humour and storytelling. The narrative of a flooding home runs down through the homepage as the user scrolls towards the bottom. The UX/UI is also very optimized so the user can easily navigate their way through the website. A good example of this is the contact form, which simplified into steps to guide the user along the process In a more interactive manner.
Cherry Mobile
5 stars
“Attract Media has been in charge of our marketing since 2013 and also completely redesigned our website. They have been fantastic to work with and always respond to our inquiries and requests quickly and professionally.

Attract is not only easy to work with but very creative in the ways they utilized and integrated our logo into various advertising campaigns. Attract has also provided new and unique advertising ideas to help us stand out from the competition.

Overall, the experience working with the team at Attract has been awesome and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them for many years to come.”

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Robyn Cherry
VP, Cherry Insurance

Animated Commercials
That Don't Feel Like Marketing!

We love to make marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing. One of our favourite ways to do this for Cherry is to create humorous animated shorts, and release them bi-yearly as campaigns. Collectively they have millions of views and people have even translated them to Spanish, !

To view all of The Cherry Family Animations, click here.

Unique, Eye Catching Billboards!

One of the fan favorites of Cherry Insurance’s marketing are the crazy, eye-catching billboards. We feel so honored to have the opportunity to try such exciting, eye-catching billboards! 

In 2021, we even tried a mannequin in a housecoat reaching sideways.  It was definitely a learning experience in many ways but people loved it!

Cherry Insurance Billboard Mannequin Covered

Social Media

Cherry’s Social media is loaded with tips on what to do when the unexpected happens. It features reminders of their services, as well as a Cherry Family Webcomic. The Social media brand is bright, and full of personality!

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