Attracting Success: 2 Marketing Mavericks Move To Magnetise Marketing

Hello! We’re Attract Media and it’s very nice to meet you!

This is one of our first blogs so I think a little introduction is in order.  We’re a brand spanking new marketing agency from Canada with big, creative ambitions and loads of business/marketing savvy.

I’m Kaitlyn. A professional graphic designer, animator & illustrator. I also assist with the social media marketing aspect of what we do at Attract.

I work alongside my partner Ryan Yeti (Yedersberger) who started a marketing agency called Stealth in university and grew it to make millions (If you live in Saskatchewan you might have seen the playful Cherry Insurance Billboards with mannequins hanging off, or the Cutest Pet contest that we host every spring/summer for Cherry). Ryan sold Stealth in 2018 and agreed to work there for a few years after.

However, 2020 was a turbulent year for everyone and with it coming to an end, so many things in our lives have changed. With all the ups and downs, and general funk of the past year, Ryan and I wanted to create something we could be excited about. And after working from home together so often due to the pandemic, and seeing how well we work together, we got inspired to start a new business where we could put our talents together by becoming a designer/marketer duo extraordinaire.

We wanted to create a different kind of marketing agency that helps businesses grow through (1) brave creative marketing techniques that get attention & (2) promote the idea of inbound (attract) marketing. Essentially promoting the idea of having people come to you instead of always going to them.

So we set our sights on designing a website, creating social media pages, and registering our name.

And voilà, our dreams are reality! The name of our agency became Attract Media.

Coming from the age-old adage that when you focus your energy on growth, gratitude, and giving value to others, good things will be attracted back to you. Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Alan Watts (to name a few) all teach this phenomenon, and why wouldn’t it apply to businesses as well? We want to veer away from the corporate, robotic lingo and templated designs, and instead, help create brands that have heart that feel genuine. We want to create ads that are entertaining instead of annoying. And we ultimately want to be the positive and uplifting side of the marketing game.

Over the years we’ve really figured out a formula that works wonders for our clients. It’s just 3 steps: (1) Be funny (2) Be self-aware & (3) Make the brand look good.

With this formula as our sherpa, we craft mountains of creative stuff then utilize marketing magic to get it looked at.

Our areas of expertise are (1) Branding (2) Web Design (3) Illustration (4) Animation (5) Videography & Photography (6) Social Media (7) Search Engine Optimization & (8) Campaigns.

I wanted this blog to be an homage to our name. And to show why focusing on gratitude to attract good things to us seems so obvious and simple (you get what you give), yet it can be so easily forgotten. In the blink of an eye, the swirling vortex of negative thoughts can rip through your mind and make you forget everything that is good. And this is something that happens to everybody with a beating heart.

But, especially with the crazy events the world is going through today, it’s important to cut out the noise, focus on what we all still have, and try to make the world a better place.

In 2021, let’s all ATTRACT great things together.


About Ryan Yeti

Ryan started a marketing agency while in University and grew it to make millions. He sold in 2018 and now enjoys helping clients with his NEW agency, Attract Media! 

After thousands of meetings with entrepreneurs, hundreds of marketing campaigns rendered & countless international marketing awards; he’s confident in his abilities to take any business to the next level. 

He loves meeting new people so message him to book a 1-ON-1 meeting!


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